Unit Roster

This list of names for the 35th LCT has been passed on from other men that served with the unit.  If you or anyone you know served with the 35th LCT, please contact us by using the link below. 

* KIA **Deceased ***Located

Arnold, Charles S.

Atkinson, Edward R. ***

Baldwin, J.C.

Barbee, Floyd Jr. ***

Banner, Rodney***

Barnett, Darrell E. ***

Bays, Roger S.

Blackman, Thomas

Braksick, Roy D***.

Butler, Robert C.

Cargile, Jackie D.

Chesnik, Ron K.***

Delk, David J.**

Drewelow, David D.***

Frazier, Isaac E.

Jackson, Eddie L.

Jordy, Claud W.

Harris, John T.***

Hermanson, Paul ***

Hicks, Basil

Hill, Lawrence***

Hooper, James L.

Hughett, Floyd T. Jr.

Knisely, James***

Lee, Colin


Mathis, Terry W.

Mueller, Robert H.

Mullis, Michael**

Quigley, Arthur L.

Paulsen, Bradley


Price, Irvin R.***

Rigby, Michael***

Roberts, Lloyd***

Sadick, John M.

Salvato, George***

Scarberry, Robert M.

Slocum,Jr. Perry F.

Smielewski, David E***

Smith, Albert B.**

Smith, Everett***

Stewart, Herman L.

Strzok, Lee

Tatum, Bennie***

Veslovsky, John M.

Watts, James.

Youngblut, Ronald***



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