In Honor of the Men of the 538th LCC

1968 - 1971 ~ Vietnam

It is both an honor and a privilege to dedicate this site to each of you.   Thank-you  and  WELCOME HOME!


Their faces, etched in my mind,
from photographs of a time long ago,
...they stood side by side,
tramping through the mud,
brushing off the dust.
The sound of the diesel engines,
could be heard for miles, they cleared the jungles
and highways
in their
"well precisioned ballet".
A bond of brotherhood
that time has not shaken,
shared memories rekindles,
taking them back to the time,
they were young, very very young.
Their voices reveal emotions
as each remembers a buddy,
shares a story,
...or is lost in silence....

These are the men of the 538th Engineer Company (LC).

music playing: 
"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Pat Briggs     2/23/01


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