Alvarez, Ricardo

Augustson, Paul

Benazzo, Eugen
Blake, Arthur
Briggs, Roger
Brock, James
Cable, Virgil "Gene"
Clamon, Tom

Crossley, Robert


 Daniels, Gary

Another Time, Another Place

I close my eyes, you are here.
Laughter of long ago yesterdays,
echo's in my mind,
as we walk together in silence....
We traveled this same path together,
in another time, another place...
Shoulder to shoulder ,
we faced the uncertainties of the day.
Side by side ,
we fought the darkness of the night.
Our lives,
bound together in that moment,
traveled a different path,
and I missed you.
I never said, "So long!"
I never said, "Take care!"
Alone with my thoughts,
I whisper to you..
"Rest, my friend. 
Your journey is over.
Watch for me,
so we may walk together again....
In another time, in another place."

Dansberry, Wayne

Funches, Cordoses

Garlick, Paul

Grinavic, William
Hancock, Wilbur
Harris, John
Harter, Jack
Hupman, Robert 'Mike'
Huskie, Frank
Ingram, Leland
Jackson, Burrell
Laramore, James

Malone, Larry 'Snuffy'

McConchie, Michael
Molboard, Ralph
Molnair, Louis

Mullis, Michael

Nuby, Randy

Osborne, Oscar

Price, Daniel

Randall, Steven

Sayler, Vern

Searer, Victor

Selenski, Tom

Shelton, James 'Ron'
Strzok, Leon
Sublett, Elwynne

Torres, Raymond

Tregoning, Lawrence
VanSweden, Lewis

Veslovsky, John

  author: Pat Briggs  3/15/01

Wampler, Clarence


 Ward, David


 Weatherford, Chester


Williams, Jeffrey


York, Donald