August 7-9, 2009

La Porte City, IA


Special Thanks to Ron and Casey Youngblut, their family, neighbors and friends for hosting this years reunion!!!!

Thanks also to Jeri McCain, Cathie Read, and Joe Petkus for contributing their pics for these pages.


Front row left to right:  Bobby Boothe, "Sledge" Lloyd Roberts, Clint Gipson, Doug Ball, Dan Bishop, Ken Stuczynski, Ron Youngblut, Bob Browne

Back row left to right:  John Kerkis, Craig Ryerson, Steve Jones, Franklin Tso, Joe Petkus, Gene Manus, Jim Herman, Larry McCain, Ron Trebelhorn, Jerry Vile, Roger Neubauer, Dennis Engelhart, Ken Read, Larry Dohe

Insert: Top left corner, Rudy "Speedy" Gonzales, top right corner, Monte Poague


Front row:  Rivers Wade, Jane Ryerson, Janet Engelhart, Sheila Neubauer, Annie Tso, Sophie Tso, Audrey Stuczynski

Back row standing:  Bev ?, Shirley Manus, Dianne Browne, Kathy Ball, Casey Youngblut, Mary Trebelhorn, Sharon Boothe, Jeri McCain, Wendy Petkus, Pat Briggs, Kathy Read, Denise Jones, Sharon Dohe


Our hosts: Casey and Ron Youngblut




Larry McCain and Jerry Vile, posting the company flag.

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