Billy Phipps served with the 538th from 1970-1971 as a plow operator


Arthur Blake

Tom Berlin going home

Blake and Bobby Bunch

Larry McCain

?, Underwood, Blake

Rodriquez and Bull Vile and Phipps Hart and Rodriquez

Currier and Phipps


Back Row:  Cook, Rodriquez, Phipps  Front Row:  Ball, Dempsey, Stemick


?, ?, Vile James Underwood James Underwood
Rodriquez and Blake Phipps and Molnaird Phipps and Stemick "Big Red"
Phipps and Rodriques Hart and Phipps Binkley
  ?,Phipps, ?  
  Berlin and Phipps   Manus, Phipps and Newland
  Rodriquez, Stemick, Phipps, Ott   Underwood, Rodriquez, Phipps and Blake

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