Dannie Johnson served with the 538th in 1970 as a plow operator.

Dannie's plow, also known as Miss Nancy

Melvin Johnson and Dannie Johnson

Jeff Williams

A. Dodge, cleaning Miss Nancy

Joseph Brittain "Turtle"

Briggs and Ballard


Tom Butler



Leslie Wilde   Butler
Gary Manley A. Dodge D. Johnosn, Randall, ?
D. Johnson D. Johnson Butler
Diamond and Butler Dodge and Fancher D. Johnson
  Ballard and Brittain  
? and Butler    
Diamond Fancher Jeff Williams
D. Johnson D. Johnson Benazzo
D. Johnson   Jeff Williams
Butler and Wilde Leslie Wilde D. Johnson
A. Dodge D. Johnson D. Johnson
Michael Monk Monk and Fancher Sgt. Wiley
D. Johnson and Butler Ballard, Fancher, Gibson, A. Dodge  
   Randall, Sgt. Wiley, Fancher  
Shoemaker, Selenski, J. Williams, D. Johnson,  Sgt. Wiley, Osaben ?, Fancher, Mangrum, Dodge, ?



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