Alfred Dodge Served with the 538th from 1969-1970, as a plow operator.

Benazzo, Dodge, ?

Sgt. Anderson


Leroy Ballard

  McLemore and ?
Ron Youngblut A. Dodge  
Wiley and Osaben A. Dodge Gorman, and Romero
Poague and Stemick Sgt. Wiley Benazzo
A. dodge Conley, Dodge A. Dodge
    Rymer and "Mac"
Osaben Conley, Gibson, Ballard, Osaben Wayne Dansberry

Fancher, Ballard, Briggs Fancher, Ballard, Briggs

Gorman, Dodge, Trimble, Poague, Briggs, ?

counter clockwise: Stemick, Dodge, Fancher, Osaben, Poague, Briggs, ?, Mercado

Poague, Glatfelter, Fancher, Dodge, ?, Reimann, Cicero, Cimino


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