Steve Jones served with the 538th from 1969-1971 as a plow operator.

Jones, Benazzo and Poague at Camp Radcliffe

Gary Daniels and Monte Poague doing first aid

Daniels and Jones doing first aid

Jones, Benazzo, Doug Ball, Joe Trimble in front

Jones and Bill Grinavic

Jones and Poague

Jones, Trimble and Poague

Sgt. Tatum, Hart, and Grinavic

Jones, Berlin and Phipps putting new winch on dozer

Poague, Jones and Cable

Berlin, Jones, Molnard and Sgt. Tatum on top of truck

Butler and Jones near Dak To


Poague and Jones

Poague and Jones


Stuczynski, Jones, Poague

Jones Shortimer party:  Back row: Jackson, Laramore, Wilbur,   Center:?, Witzel, Poague Front: Springsteel, Jones




Steve Jones and Joe Trimble


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