Joe Jaroma served with the 538th from 5/71-12/71, drove the 10 ton truck

Sgt. Ingram, Sgt. Baker

Jaroma's truck "Old Tired Pop"

Paul Brantley, David Binkely

Jaroma "Angel" from W. Virginia Brantley
Art Simcox, heading for his 'ice bath'  Jaroma is on right Jaroma, last day in "Nam'  waiting for the 'Freedom Bird' Robert Martinez
  Jaroma in mud, fueling up Jaroma


Jones, makes friends with the Easter Bunny

Simcox, ?, Jaroma


Jaroma at 1st CAV after 538th deactivated

Brantley, B.S. and puppy

Simcox at Camp Fidel standdown

Jaroma Jaroma Simcox, ?, Jaroma


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