Jerry Vile served with the 538th from 1970-71, 10-ton truck driver.

Leonard "Dude" James

Terry Butler

John Hamilton

James Laramore, John Pagden, Roger Witzel Tom Lawson, Dan Bishop Robert Sewell
Robert Hatfiled ?, Jerry Vile James Golden
Arthur Blake, Jim Underwood Rodriquez Laramore
Doug Ball, Stew Barnes Will Springsteel, Monte Poague, Steve Jones Cook

James "Ron" Shelson

Jim Lowe, Ron Shelson, Wesley Venable, Roger Witzel, Donnie Akers

Ball and Vile


Lowe, Venable, Witzel Perry Manus, Laramore, John Pagden and Witzel Larry McCain
    Gene Morris
  Perry Manus, John Pagden

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