Sept. 12-15, 2013


Burleson, TX

Special thanks to Gary Burkins, Supervisor of Russell Farm in Burleson

Our daytime gathering place for the weekend, was Russell Farm.  Please visit there website

Gary went above and beyond to make sure everything went well!

Ken putting the welcome sign at the gate to the farm

One of the many buildings at the farm

Bob Brown, Craig Ryerson, Ivory Currier Clint Gipson, Bobby Boothe Bob Brown, ?, ? Powell, Clint Gipson

Sitting: Craig Ryerson, Ivory Currier "Sledge" Lloyd Roberts Charles Powell, Ron Trebelhorn


Janet Engelhart

Audrey Stuczynski

Ken Stuczynski, Ken Read Larry Dow
Charles Bass Dan Bishop

Diana Brown, Jeri McCain

Jeri McCain, Virginia Roberts Jane and Craig Ryerson
Ken Read, Charles Powell,  Clint Gipson, Lloyd Roberts, Charles Powell, Ron Trebelhorn Audrey Stuczynski, ?
Roger Neubauer Cathie and Ken Read Larry Dohe and Bob Brown
Danny Underhill, Bobby Boothe Craig Ryerson Danny Underhill, Bobby Boothe, Ron Trebelhorn, Lloyd Roberts
John Plemons Larry and Jeri McCain

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