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Welcome Home!!!!!

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   If you have any information or questions about the 538th LCC or 35th LCT or any information about anyone that served with these companies, , please contact us through the links below.

Coordinating Committee:                                        Website:

Larry and Sharon Dohe                                                Pat Briggs

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 Dennis and Janet Engelhart                                          Bob and Diane Brown


Ken and Cathie Read

Larry and Jeri McCain



Link for the 35th LCT



Link for the 35th/538th Message Board



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The 538th Engineer Co. (LC) was attached to the 299th Engineer Battalion.  Click on the picture below to view the pictures of the 538th from their yearbook.




During the summer of 2000, Roger Briggs began his journey to locate the men of the 538th Engineer Company (LC)  with a list of 12 names and a dream.  By November of 2002, 150 men had been located and two reunions were held.  The dream continues on through the men, that he brought back together, and the memory of:

"A Complete Unknown"


December 11, 1948 - November 1, 2002

All that knew him, loved him


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