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Engineers Fight Enemy, Jungle: Clear Large Section in II Corps

castleSM.gif (1734 bytes) Castle Courier   May 4, 1970 castleSM.gif (1734 bytes)

Long Binh, Vietnam

PATHFINDER--A Rome Plow slices through the thick jungle entanglement.    (U.S Army Photo)
   Pleiku (20th Bn) - Army engineers have completed a massive land clearing operation in the northern portion of II Corps Tactical Zone.
     The operation, divided into two phases, was completed by the 538th Engineer Company of the 20th Engineer Battalion, 18th Engineer Brigade.
     The first phase consisted of clearing 1,318 acres of jungle near Kontum.  The phase lasted seven days  as bulldozers chewed up the thick entanglement.
     The second part of the mission required the clearing of land along an 8,000 meter long trail leading to the village of Plei Op, south of Kontum.  Occasional enemy fire harassed the engineers during this phase.  One thwarted ambush yielded four enemy dead, several more wounded and various enemy weapons and ammunition captured.

Article submitted by:  Joe Reimann

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538th Come In

Highway  QL-14      '69

Van Canh  '69

Long Binh               '70

Highway QL-19       '70

Tam Quan District

An Khe Pass            '71

Duc My                    '71

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