Landclearers Association Reunion

June 20-23, 2002


Caterpillar of Peoria scheduled tours for their parts distribution center and manufacturing plant.

One of the tours was of the parts distribution center, which began with a film about Caterpillar.  We were then driven on connected golf carts by our tour guide through the different areas of the center.

The second tour was of the manufacturing plant.  It began with a ceremony and the posting of the colors, honoring the men.  The picture above is one of the few that were allowed to be taken, inside the plant.

2nd from left: Paul Schubert

Far right back row: Gus Frenzel

Left to right: Gus Frenzel, Janet Engelhart, Ken Stuczynski

Jim DeFrancisco, Dee Word, Ted Word

Joe Reimann, Jimmy Forrester, David Emsley

Back at the hotel:

Jim Binckley, Doug Abbott, Dan Bishop

Ken Read, Lloyd Roberts, Roger Briggs, Jimmy Forrester

Doug Abbott, Jerry Vile

Virginia Roberts, Betty Abbott, Janet Engelhart

Norma Johnson, Dannie Johnson, Betty Abbott

Monte Poague, David Emsley, Roger Briggs

Betty Abbott, Jerry Vile, Jim Binckely, Doug Abbott Candy Binckley, Jerry Vile, Jim Binckley, Kathy Ball
Cathy Read, Ken Read, Steve Jones, Lloyd Roberts

Janet Engelhart, Virginia Roberts, Dee Word, Betty Abbott

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