Landclearers Association Reunion

June 20-23, 2002

Peoria, IL


Memorial Service Saturday afternoon:
Banquet: Saturday Evening

Wendy and Joe Petkus

Clockwise: Gus Frenzel, Jim DeFrancisco, Bill Fleer, Melonie Fleer, Trussa Gabourie, George Gabourie

Monte Poague, Virgina and Lloyd Roberts

Jimmy Forrester, David Emsley, Monte Poague

Larry and Jeri McCain

Kathy and Doug Ball

Roger Briggs, Steve Jones, Janet Engelhart, Dan Bishop

Rita and Gus Frenzel

Bill and Melonie Fleer

Ken Stuczynski, Sheila Neubauer, Audrey Stuczynski

Diane and Bobby Bunch

Steve and Denise Jones

Sheila Neubauer, Roger Briggs, Pat Briggs

Bob and Diane Brown

Head table at the banquet

Hazel Kimbrell, secretary of the Association presents gifts of appreciation to:Tim Botts of the 59th LCC and Roger and Pat Briggs of the 35th/538th

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