Following the song: "He Ain't Heavy", Minister Rod Banner of the 538th , heralds in the reuniting of the unit.

Carrie Briggs Harper, reads an excerpt from
"The Other Side of the Wall" in honor of the men who never came home. A beautiful song called
"There's a Healing in this House" was played directly after this

Listening to the message of love and healing, which was followed by the hymn "How Great Thou Art"


  Mike Horowitz, Bobby Bunch, Monte Poague, Bob Brown, Steve Jones, Danny Jeter, Roger Neubauer

 Ron Zehner, Jim Binckley, Jerry Vile

Bobby Bunch, Monte Poague, Steve Jones, Dannie Johnson in the background


 Bill Fleer, Jim Underwood, Jerry Vile,

Jim Underwood and daughter, Tina

 Monte Poague and Bobby Bunch

Danny Jeter, Jim Binckley, Doug Abbott, Ann Zehner in the background

Sharon Dohe, Larry Dohe, Larry McCain, Jeri McCain

Jim Herman, Steve Jones, Monte Poague

Pat Briggs, Doug Ball, Roger Neubauer, Rod Banner, Frank Dymitro



Rebels without a cause   Steve Jones, Monte Poague, Jim Herman

Bill Ingram and Steve Jones

Fred Peterson, Jerry Vile

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