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Maing Giang Pass

The mountains of Vietnam had several "passes".  The objective of the company was to cut the jungle back so many meters on either side of the road to deter ambushes from the enemy. Camp was set up on one end of
The pass, allowing the company to travel into the area to clear the jungle growth.  Once a certain amount of area was cleared, camp would be moved to the opposite end of the pass. The areas shown in these pictures, were
once covered in jungle growth.  Inside the camp, the vehicles line up side by side..
Picture on left, shows a fuel truck, a 2 1/2 ton truck (also called a deuce and a half) and the Command Post trailer.   The picture on the right, shows a row of plows parked in the background.
The tanks shown here are "pulling security" for a convoy coming through the pass.
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