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The plow on the left is cutting a "trace" through the elephant grass.  The plow appears to have driven into a ditch. Many operators became victims of the terrain, due to the lack of visibility through the thick foliage. On the right, plows can be seen on the crest of the hill. In the center of the picture is the 548 Trak.

Once the trees, elephant grass, etc. was cleared, the plows would finish clearing inside the trace, pushing the debris into piles.
The left picture, shows the view from a plow, after the trace is cut.
While moving to the next area, the picture on the right,  shows plows in the distance working another trace.
More views of the completed trace. In the distance, the 548 pulls security on the hill, in picture to the right.
A plow sinks in the mud as he's trying to cross a creek. 
On the right, another operator comes to the rescue with his plow and winch.  Backing into the water, hooking the winch to the stuck plow, and pulling him out.
The 548 Trak,
pulling security in the picture on the left.
Two plows taking a 5 minute break on the right
Picture on the left shows a cloud of dust being kicked up by the machines working.
Plows on the right, are barely visible, blending in with the green mountainside.

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