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Although the jungle growth was cleared, the land was still able to produce vegetation.  In many instances, the plows would have to return to re-cut due to the rapid growth of the jungle.

The plow on the right, is preparing to go "over the edge" of a hill along a highway.
These pictures show the plows clearing more land, the one on the left is cutting down a tree, the one on the right is clearing the last of the tree, pushing it into a pile, that would later be burned.
On the left, the men take a break for lunch.
Looking out of the cab of a plow, on the right, is a view of land that has been cleared along one of the many highways of South Vietnam. In the bottom left corner of this picture, is the "rifle rack" minus the rifle.
The barrel of an M-16 rifle can be seen in the picture to the left The picture on the right shows the exhaust pipe of the plow in the left hand corner.   Note that the pipe itself was lower than the roof of the cab.  This was to protect the pipe from getting crushed if anything fell on the plow.  However, it also increased the chance of the exhaust fumes coming into the cab of the plows.
One of the main goals of the land clearing units was to clear the jungle growth back away from the high-ways. On the left is the land that has been cleared, compared to the picture on the right that still has growth.
A "Bull Blade", which would cut a slot along side the tree, then come back around and push it over, is pictured to the left.
In the center of the picture to the right is a shadow of a man who was "walking security".  The purpose for this was to keep an eye on the plows activity.  Often times when the plows were stopped for any length of time, it was due to an encounter with a mine, a beehive, or a mechanical problem.
The picture on the left, is a closer view of the mountain on the right.
To the left, plows are scattered atop a hill.
To the right, the 548 Trak pulls security.

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