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Ban Me Thout

    "Throwing a track" was a common occurrence for the plow operators.  In this picture, a piece of a tree became wedged in the track.  When this happened out "in the cut", the men would work together to repair it.

At the end of a long day, "in the cut", the plows lined up to come in to camp.  In the foreground of the picture on the left, is an air compressor, used to blow the dust and debris out of the radiators of the plows, at night, on the way in to camp.

In the picture on the right is the 548 Cargo track, used for security.
Outside of Ban Me Thuot, the jungle was cleared by the plows, leaving  the land free of "jungle" growth, yet able to
produce vegetation.
In the picture to the left, a "berm" has been pushed up by the plows, to encircle the "camp perimeter".
The picture to the right shows the road leading into the camp.

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