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From Sunup to Sundown............

For the most part, the weather in Southeast Asia is dry and warm...but for a few months out of the year, the monsoons would strike, leaving nothing but mud and muck. These pictures show a wall of rain coming in.
The land became almost impassable after the monsoon rains.  Yet, very little would stop the unit from doing their job.  A fuel truck, sits in the mud, waiting to refuel the machines. On the right, two plows come to a halt, as they become bogged down in
  the mud.  
In the center of the picture on the left, a dozer has "slipped" off the path, as it tried making its way downhill.
Tent flaps came down during monsoon season.  Often times, plows would be parked around the tents, blades facing in, to add extra protection from the rains.

The ground quickly became saturated from the downpours of rain.

A slot was cut for the tanks to park in, enabling them to be less of a target for the enemy.

On the right is the remnants of an old bunker.

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