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In the center of this picture is the CO's jeep.  Parked next to it is the CP (command post) trailer, which was used as the main office for running the company.  On the outside of the trailer, was a bulletin board used for posting messages, duty roster, orders...etc.  In the rear of the picture to the right, is the mess truck, where the meals were prepared and served.

These pictures show the beginning process of "setting up camp".
Once an area was designated, the plows would come in to clear and level the ground.
During the process of clearing the land, the rest of the company would arrive and start setting up equipment and tents.
Plows would push up a "berm" of dirt to encircle the camp.  At night, when the plows came in, they would back through the "entry", parking the dozers with blades facing the outside of the perimeter for protection.

"Mess Truck" .

Picture on left shows the company flag and the bulletin board, that was placed on the side of the CP (command post) trailer.
Tents were set up inside the "berm".  Each platoon had its own area to set up in. 
These pictures are of an air strike outside of one of the 538th LCC campsites.
The picture on the left is self-explanatory.
The picture on the right is the 548 Trak pulling secuity on the "berm"

New recruits coming into the company, are pictured in the foreground, next to the tent.  Supply trailers are to the left in the rear. The "mess truck" is in the center of picture.

Breaking down camp for another move

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